Sacred Discourse


Connecting to what is Sacred for you

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Tom McSteen, the founder of Sacred Discourse, works as a somatic, ontological, and voice coach, in addition to delivering Sacred Discourse services. These two areas of work follow a nearly thirty year legal career. 

Sacred Discourse originates as a response to our current state of public discourse, in which there is more divide and division than ever. The premise of Sacred Discourse is that the world we all desire will be more possible when we choose to relate and connect with others in a different way, with those who have similar beliefs and views as well as those who do not.

The origination of Sacred Discourse comes from a sacred experience in Yosemite National Park.  It also originates from a belief that we all have sacred experiences. What is sacred for you may be the same or different than what is sacred for the other. And, there is something sacred for each of us, whether the source be from deep within or be external to ourselves. It may be what we experience as Sacred, or it may be the Sacred; either way, our connection to this source is what can guide us to relate and connect with others in a new way.

Sacred Discourse comes at exactly the right time to serve the positive reweaving of a country divided. Tom McSteen’s personal background as an attorney, organizational executive and spiritual seeker has given him the credentials to work across many cultural communities. We’ve worked with Tom and highly recommend Sacred Discourse.
— Craig and Patricia Neal, Founders, Center for Purposeful Leadership